General terms and conditions

  • The sales and deliveries to be carried out by Distribuciones Suner S.L.U. shall be governed by these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, except when other terms are expressly agreed in the corresponding offer, constituting the Particular Terms and Conditions of that offer. Therefore, other terms that have not been explicitly accepted by Distribuciones Suner S.L.U. will have no value or legal effect.
  • It shall be considered that these General Terms have been communicated to the buyer as soon as they accept them when registering as a customer on the Distribuciones Suner S.L.U. website,, or when they receive an offer or invoice that includes these terms and they do not oppose them in writing within 4 days of the date of issue of the document.


  • Customers may submit their orders and queries via fax, email or the website. In the exceptional case of accepting orders and/or queries via telephone, returns or cancellations will not be possible, as this means can lead to errors of interpretation.
  • The minimum amount for placing an order is approximately €50 not including VAT.
  • For all products that have been ordered on request, no returns will be accepted under any circumstances.
  • Distribuciones Suner S.L.U. will use the specified code when processing customer orders, the images are indicative and not binding.
  • Distribuciones Suner S.L.U. reserves the right to modify prices without prior notice, depending on unexpected fluctuations in raw material costs that lead to increases in supplier rates. Such modifications will be updated on a weekly basis via the website.
  • Shipping costs will be charged for all orders of less than €800 (not including VAT). Costs for shipping to the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Abroad will always be charged to the customer, regardless of the order amount.
  • Orders cannot be grouped in order to reach this amount.
  • Items that are pending will be delivered subsequently by our own transport and will be added to the invoice, notifying the customer in advance.
  • For orders that exceed this amount but contain: expansion vessels, anodes, tanks, storage tanks, pressure assemblies, Guermu and Sotin bottles and containers and circulation pumps (except quantities), the shipping costs for these items will be included in the invoice.
  • All deliveries will be carried out by our own transport, including shipping costs due on invoice, as applicable.
  • If the customer requests another company, the shipping costs will ALWAYS be charged to the recipient.

Payment methods

  • The payment terms shall be agreed in advance with Distribuciones Suner S.L.U.
  • The first purchases from any of our customers must be done via advance transfer. The terms set out by Law 15/2010 must be respected under all circumstances.
  • All payments must be completed according to the agreed terms, without any deductions, such as: retentions that have not already been agreed, discounts, expenses, taxes or fees, etc. Any expense that arises from a payment transaction to Distribuciones Suner S.L.U. will always be charged to the payer.
  • Non-payment, delays and/or returns of any bill or invoice will result in the immediate suspension of supplies and services. To re-establish trade relations, the customer must pay the returned invoice and the financial costs attributed to them, or the accrued interest according to the Type of Legal Interest of Money by Business Delay stipulated in the General State Budgets for the corresponding tax year. Non-payment of bills or constant delays in paying invoices will result in the automatic loss of credit on the part of Distribuciones Suner S.L.U.
  • The formulation of a complaint by the buyer does not give them the right to the suspension of or any deduction in relation to the payment commitments.


  • Complaints regarding goods and/or administrative complaints, must be lodged within 4 days of them leaving the Distribuciones Suner, S.L. warehouses.
  • Returns will only be accepted within 7 days of the delivery date.
  • Returns and guarantees must be submitted using the corresponding form with the incident number previously provided by Distribuciones Suner, S.L., and sent in optimum packaging conditions and according to the conditions specified on the forms.
  • All goods received at our facilities that are not accompanied by the above-mentioned form will automatically be returned to the recipient.
  • For all goods received by the customer in poor conditions (broken, dented, etc.), they must lodge a complaint with the shipping company within 24 hours, and not with Distribuciones Suner, S.L. The shipping companies have insurance for such cases. Likewise, all complaints regarding amounts charged by the shipping company must be lodged with them. Distribuciones Suner S.L.U. is not responsible for the charges applied by shipping companies, and any disagreement in relation to this will not justify the return of goods or cancellations of orders. This type of complaint, just as those for breakages and delays, must be lodged with the shipping company within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Returns of goods that have been tampered with and/or that have been ordered on request shall not be accepted.
  • Returns for reasons that are beyond the control of Distribuciones Suner S.L.U. (customer errors/shipping or manufacturer delays, etc.), if they are accepted for commercial reasons, will carry a surcharge of 15-30%, depending on the costs incurred, and shipping costs will be covered by the customer. The returns form will always be required in order for this to be accepted.


  • The guarantees granted are those established by every manufacturer, given the commercial nature of our company. This guarantee covers the repair, replacement or refund of the faulty component, provided that the defect can be attributed to manufacturing faults. However, it does not cover direct or indirect defects caused by improper operation or misuse of the component.
  • The effective implementation of the guarantee will be carried out as the result of a study and analysis of the fault and will depend exclusively on the verdict issued by the corresponding technical department of the manufacturer. The guarantee will never be applied before this verdict and all faulty goods must be forwarded to Distribuciones Suner S.L.U. with the postage paid so that this process can be managed, having previously contacted them in order to include the corresponding Guarantee Form.

Applicable law and jurisprudence

  • For the resolution of any controversy arising from this commercial relationship, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Pamplona, with the buyer renouncing their jurisdiction should they have another.
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