How can I place orders on the Web?

To place orders, simply register with us here..
Once registered on our website and after we have validated this registration, you can place orders and use the rest of the tools made available to you.


What are the requirements to be a Distribuciones Suner customer?

We only work with professionals from the burner and boiler sector, so the only requirement is to belong to one of the trade associations related to these activities: Installer, Maintenance Technician, official or unofficial Technical Support.


What are the advantages of being a Suner customer?

As a Distribuciones Suner customer, you will have various tools available on this Web to help you prepare orders, save items in your list of favourites, keep backorders, check order history...


What are the purchase, shipping, etc. conditions?

The payment conditions, as well as carriage, etc., can vary depending on the order volume of each customer, being free on orders of over 800 euros. It is advisable to check the terms and conditions of use of the service before placing an order. The shipping cost and the weight will be calculated automatically during the sales process (checkout).


Is the product catalogue updated?

We update our catalogue daily, so you will have updated prices and photos at all times, as well as the latest items in our catalogue. The photographs in the catalogues and on the Web are for guidance purposes only and are therefore not binding.


Why can I not see the prices?

To access all the information, including prices, you must be registered in our eCommerce. You can register by clicking here. It is free but we reserve the right of admission.


Do we sell to private individuals?

We only sell to professionals and specialists in boiler and burner maintenance: technical services, maintenance technicians, technical support, distributors... If you are an individual and want to carry out the maintenance of your boiler or burner, we recommend that you contact the after sales-service of the your boiler or burner company.


How do I know which product I need for my burner or boiler?

If you do not know which product you need, we recommend taking a photo of the rating plate of the boiler and/or burner and contacting us. The more information or technical details you can provide in your first email, the better we will be able to help you.

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